Can You Handle Freedom? (video)

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Can You Handle Freedom? (HQ - Audio)

This was the description of the meeting called: Can You Handle Freedom?
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Freedom is so simple that most of the people totally miss the significance of it. Freedom is free, but not cheap, so if you want to afford freedom you have to give up everything, which creates fear in you, since you don't want to give up everything. But in order to keep freedom you have give up everything and give up even the freedom itself only then you can have freedom though it can not be kept, only you can be kept in freedom, because this is your natural way of being. Completely free, boundless and limitless, infinitely so.

I invite you to explore and look with your own eyes and experience to something overlooked so greatly. Your liberation is in your own hands now, and it's certainly very simple to recognize as your own seeing once you can to places like this meeting.

How many practices and years of different traditions, rituals and exercises spent chasing the freedom? Total freedom. Absolute Liberation.

How many of these practices actually did set you free? Not simply made you chains less tight, but really can you confirm that they totally chopped the heavy chains holding you stuck to something, without the complete freedom from all?

Your coming here will result in absolute freeing of your being :]

Isn't so that every practice, ritual, technique strives to reach the place where no more practice is needed, but it eventually becomes your natural way of being?

If you have a sense that it is your time to come into your own Absolute, Total, and Complete Freedom and You Can Handle Your Own Eternal Freedom, come and rest into your natural way of liberated being.

Come into your Wholeness and Freedom Today ;]

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News and Updates

Hello everyone,

I am happy to say that I feel fortunate to meet all of the people that I had to encounter during this whole stay in Vancouver.
Since I started doing meetings, it all grew very organically because of all of you. Every single one of you were a part of the
growth of you want it or not ...

It is truly heart-warming to see where a lot of you are already. How much of belief and false identification has been discarded.
It is such joy for my heart to see how many of you allowed the experience of freedom, peace and spacious openness to take place.
And its so wonderful to see so many of you releasing yourself from false bondages and merging yourself back to your being.

For now I just want to let you know if you are still interested to come for the last meeting in Vancouver, you can find out more information
about it just below, if you click the link provided:

There is something different going on this Tuesday, organized by Lisa and if you are interested to check it out click the link below or more info:

And finally here is a short video with news and updates on what is going to be happening with in upcoming weeks

Thank you,

Have fun, Enjoy and Stay Happy

- Rimvi

Download the 3 Steps to Enlightenment!

The 3 Steps to Enlightenment is a program we held in our meet-ups for 3 consecutive weeks. The audio form of this program is now made available for you to download for free here after you've signed the form.

Here is a description of the program:

Step 1: Recognition of Identification
a) The Beginning
The Beginning of All. How all this Life, Universe comes into Being? How and When/Where You Begin? Coming into clear seeing and universal understanding. Insight of Freedom.

b) Appearance of the Identity
When and Where the Identity appears? What makes it to appear? Why does it Stay? What is Identity? How can it be Transcended? Coming into Recognition of the owner of Identity.

c) Conditioning and Programming
How conditioning and Programming takes place? How to Recognize what is True from what is Given? Is it possible to Live without it? Can something be differently, How? Seeing when you are acting from the Self and When you are just carrying out what doesn't belong to You.

Step 2: Dis-identification
a) Dissolving False Identity
Dissolving False Identity through direct experience of Truth. Coming into Clear Seeing of various appearances of the False Self. Becoming very alert and developing the Power to instantly recognize the False from the True.

b) Unconditioning and Deleting the Programming
Getting tools and techniques how to start unconditioning and getting rid of old programming. Having and great opportunity to create New, Fresh Self Without outside influences. Creating the ability to immediately discern where the old habit wanted to emerge and getting rid of it Now.

c) Killing the Ego/Mind
Killing the Problematic Ego/Mind. Not accepting the False appearances and suggestions of it. Preparing the Axe for chopping the head of it as soon as it shows up.

Step 3: Now or Never! Recognition and Merging with Absolute/Pure Self
a)  Differentiating between the False and Real
Developing a clear Seeing for the Real and the False Self. Having an ability directly and instantly to see the False and dropping it away. Recognition what is Real and when the Real becomes False? Staying as the Real.

b) Direct experience and Seeing of the ever present Absolute/Pure Self
Coming into Seeing of the ever present Pure Self. A way which always works to come back to the Pure Self. Recognizing great Power which we have for a clear Seeing. How to not turn Pure Self into something Impure? Coming into Direct experience of Absolute. Merging with Totality completely. No parts left out. No more one with all ; Only All is One. Having your own Absolute/Universal Seeing without exceptions and exclusions.

c) Final Cuts and Chops of the Mind
Final Chops and Cuts of the Unreal. Full view of the Mind in all of it's forms and expressions. Sharpening the Axe for the Complete and Total Finish. No more Mind ; Much More Self.

d) Remaining as the Self and Moving on and about in Life
Ways of Staying as the Self. Out of False into Complete True Self. Creating and bringing great Power to remain as the Self Without Effort. Staying and Living as the Pure Self. Moving on and about in Life as Life itself. Living, Doing Acting, Being no more as Identity, but as the Universe itself. Remaining as existence itself and recognizing laws of existence taking place and how to work with them.

No more problems; Much more Joy

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The Power of : I Don't Know

This was the description of the meeting called The Power of : I Don't Know
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About The Power of I Don't Know :
This meeting is directed to explore our so called knowledge and allow us to investigate what can be truly known immediately, directly by your experience, without any learned beliefs and ideas which we are so comfortable using as knowledge.

It takes some maturity of the being to be able to recognize that all learned knowledge is nothing, but mere learned ignorance without knowing Who You Are..

And during this night, I am inviting you to suspend you learned knowledge which very easily can be called ignorance once it is recognized for what it truly is.

I am inviting you to allow the real experience of knowing.

Paradoxically it can come only through not knowing. 

Long time ago already people came to the conclusion that "I know one thing: that I know nothing"

Now there is some great Power in not knowing anything. Only in such space you can really come to know everything.
People have protected themselves from real knowing through believed knowledge that they carry around. Beliefs and learned ideas as carried around as knowledge is preventing people from the real experience of it.

So how do we go about it?
We ask ourselves what do we really know for certain and we climb down the stairs of our apparent knowledge into the real, direct, experiential knowing. A knowing which is Yours, which doesn't have to be learned and bettered, improved, which is complete, total and pure from anything what is untrue.

Through silent sitting and other interactive methods we will explore the field of knowledge to find its real value.

Come and learn, how to know everything without learning anything

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Where only Truth Matters

This was the description of the meeting called Where only Truth Matters?  
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How many years, how many practices, how many approaches, how much effort is put towards Self-help, discovery, meditation practices and various different spiritual movements. And where did it actually bring you?

Can you consciously say that yes, This is IT. I got all there is and nothing more is left that is more important than This?

Is Truth your only interest? Or you have interests in details of partial spirituality? Is Truth Hard to Understand? Is Truth somewhere far away and needs lots of practice to reach it?

Where Truth becomes your primary interest, all other will loose it's value, potency immediately. And how can you know what is being presented by so many people in various ways to get you into their belief system is Absolute Truth? And not their relative approach to put something more onto you what you actually have no need for?

If you are fed up with all the various practices where you can not just rest in the pure knowing that this is True, and this is so not because someone else told me, But because I can confirm that with my own experience, and there can be no other way than this.
Because Truth is Absolute and Indivisible, what is True for me is True for You and Every Other Being.
Relative Truth is our least interest, because that can vary from person to person, but what is Absolute is One For All..

This place is for you to come and discover for yourself and come to your own seeing rather than going on from seminar to seminar, program to program searching for more and more.
After this there is no More, because this is All.

The reason why there is not many people coming this kind of sessions, because they are not ready to approach Absolute Truth. They want to go journeying through relative angles of it, but come to the end and just rest in That Which You Are is not the interest of the Majority.

And yet if you are ready and you want what is available here and now to rediscover this is the best opportunity for You!

Come in and walk out with something what you can not explain, yet You KNOW it is TRUE!

It is the right moment for Truth and it is Now! Are you the right person to hear it and are you Ready for it?

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Now you can download live audio recording of the meeting.

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Meeting with your True Self

 This was the description which we had for a meeting with your True Self.

"Join us and let's have some time together where everything what is not your absolute True Self can be taken out into the light and exposed for Yourself to Recognize.

In recognizing what is Untrue, you will immediately start noticing and coming into recognition of Your True Self.
When your True Self is Recognized Totally, You and Me Are One.
The setting of the meeting is very open and if you come with questions it is very good, because it will let us and you see where are they coming from.
Are they coming from your True Self or they are coming from somewhere else?"

If you would like to attend the meeting virtually you are already able to do it!

Now you can download live audio recording of the meeting.

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to Meet Your True Self  Now

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How to Deal with Awkward Situations?

Hello everyone, here is one more video. Now it is about awkward situations, what are they? What causes them, why do they happen again and how to not feel awkward?

Lets hope the video won't make you awkward :]

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Snap Out of Your Mind's Stories

Hello everyone, it has been a while before I could put a video up, however now things started changing and perhaps I will be able to keep constantly videos coming out, which should be also quite frequent.
So comment, ask questions, share and enjoy. 

This video is an answer to a question which is, I feel relevant to all of the people and worth taking a look, since immediate results are guaranteed :] 


Once again I get a wonderful opportunity to share yet another poem which depicts quite exactly what one usually can go through during the period of waking up and the states and feelings expressed in the poem is not all that uncommon to experience once one really made a first and the last step towards awakening. And now is just to watch the unfolding of what is.

There is a cold wind blowing through my  soul,
In its wake hopelessness and despair, 
No point to anything, anywhere,
Living, dieing; who's to care
Personality gone, nothing there
Go forth into the abyss if you dare 
There is darkness in the lack
I'd give anything to have " me" back
Pointless to resist, everything gone, 
Further, deeper, just go on
Life used to have meaning, purpose, 
and was mine
Now nothing everywhere, it's lost it's shine 
Beware opening that door, 
there's nothing less, nothing more, 
Turn around and you will find
Everything has been left behind
Somewhere lies the Truth, so it is told
Evidently magnificent to behold
The scorched earth of delusion still smokes
In its place nothing, all my hopes
Just turn out to be cosmic jokes
There is no one else on your road
Here endeth life, and thus this ode

By Richard Drake

Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed. And if it brings any feelings for you, please don't be shy to share.Or if you find yourself having any questions, do not be hesitant to ask them too..
Until next time, enjoy life and live happy :]