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How to Not Get Tired

Meditation for Tired Person
Do you find yourself going through the day and feeling low in energy, sleepy, tired, or exhausted? Does this happen often to you? Would you like to know how to stay high with freely flowing energy which does not stop unless you want it to?

Nowadays when the pace is so fast in this world and it seems that you always have something to do and to attend to, it is required of you to keep going on no matter what. And it can be pretty tiring when the only things you are focusing on are all those outside challenges. Coming back home after a long day is immediately accompanied with compulsive thoughts, like how you are going to get back, drop stuff off, and just fall to the bed, or if you still have some energy left, fall in front of the TV or some other energy draining device. And then the next day comes, and the whole cycle starts again.

Likewise, our minds are continuously focused on the weekend, a short period which we raise our energy to prepare for the coming week. But do we even do that? Not most of the time. When the weekend comes we immediately indulge in various activities which pollute our mind and body. After those two days of activities which in fact have drained us all the more, we have to start the whole week again. Of course with anticipation and the coming weekend in our mind.

So you start your first day of the week with resentment and feelings of not wanting it to come. But of course, it is what it is, and it has to be dealt with even if you want it to be otherwise. And this strains you even more.

But there is a solution for all of it.

You cannot simply raise your energy to feel more alive during the day, but you can keep it and not get tired no matter what happens, or how long the day is. Well that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

The reason why you get tired very easily is actually very simple. And dealing with it is even more simple, but the simplicity of it is exactly what makes it hard for people. People are looking for something special, for something external to get energy. And it is funny when you think about it. You are looking somewhere outside of you when you need to do the exact opposite: look inside. Everything that is outside is going to be using your energy, since your attention goes out of yourself to somewhere out there, and then you don't keep any of it with you.

Don't just start the day with fresh, high energy and just use it up, but also keep it within yourself throughout the day. You will notice the change immediately and the more you do it the more energy you will have. It can even come to a point that you will have too much of it contained if you just to keep it for yourself. So naturally, you will start sharing it with others and through that you will get even more of it! Isn't that great?!

A Never-Ending Energy Pool

  1. First thing in the morning, don't just jump out of the bed when alarm clock goes off. Instead, take a moment to stretch yourself. This is only to prevent you from falling sleep again from what you have to do next.

  2. After you have done the stretching, lie down again on the bed and become conscious of your breathing and empty your mind. The mind is not needed here. All you need is to become highly aware of all your body parts along with your breathing. Raising up from your toes to the top of your head, go through them with attention.

  3. Since attention is You, you are energizing yourself and letting the energy circulate freely through your body.

  4. Keep your attention for a longer time on parts of your body wherein you feel the energy is stuck. Once you feel the energy flowing freely, move on.

  5. When done with that, don't just let your attention leave your body. Keep it there.

  6. Whatever you do during the day, be conscious of your body and your breathing.

  7. If you find yourself running low on energy, look at your hands and start feeling the liveliness circulating in them. Keep your attention on them for a while. Bring it back to yourself.

And really, that is all that it is. The reason why you feel tired is because you give away your attention completely. Never let your full attention go away. Keep some of it at least, at all times with you.

How to get personal freedom

Your attention is Your Energy and Your are Your Attention.
Be conscious and aware of where your attention is during the day.
Is it with you or is it somewhere else?
If you find that it's somewhere else, bring it back.
With every time you do it, your bring back energy to yourself.

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