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Dissolving Problems by Dissolving Time

It may not occur to you at this moment, and it might even be surprising to you. But if you want to get rid of your problems, you will need to get rid of time.

But how does that work? Time is such a ‘real’ aspect to you, and maybe after reading this you may have to go to work, school or somewhere else at so and so time. So then you might say, ‘See, there IS time’.
Well conceptually, there is a sort of psychological time and there are these changing arrows or numbers on the clock.


But that does not exist in reality.

Why not? Because the only thing that exists in reality is This Moment, a never-ending, always changing Present moment, which you call ‘Now’. If you want Truth, this is what you have right Now, this very moment. Something that existed ‘yesterday’, does not really exist at this moment, or anywhere really. Something that might have to be done tomorrow, does not really exist at this moment or anywhere really too. If you were to say that ‘it does exist’, the only place where it would exist is Now.

So for example, you want to say that ‘the Past and the Future exists’, it cannot exist anywhere else but Now. It does not exist in real life. The only place where it does exist is in your head. That is the only place where you can create a ‘past’ or ‘future’ and experience it. Other than that, you will only be experiencing the present moment. The future, when you will finally be experiencing it, will still be at that very moment, not the future. How could you experience the ‘future’ in the future? In that case, you would never experience the future, since you would need to wait for more ‘future’ to experience it.


If you are very attentive, you might notice, that even our words point to an illogical nature of time. Just take a moment and realize...

Where do your problems exist?

Some of them might be happening right now, at this moment. But do all of problems exist now though? You can quickly find that the nature of your problems do not even exist right Now. They exist ‘somewhere’, either in the ‘past’ or ‘future’, which we already talked about and found that it does not even quite exist. Yesterday’s event, is not happening now any more, but you are still living as it would be still here. In fact, isn’t it painful to live like that? For example, something happened yesterday like a break-up, or a wallet getting lost, or whatever else it may be, you may still be feeling bad about it today. If you are deeply in the pain of the past, it may not even occur to you that Now is very different from yesterday, and that this past event does not even exist at this present moment. And still that pain is only in your head, together with the ‘past’.

In that sense, you can clearly see that living in your painful ‘past’ is only being done voluntarily.

Danger of ExpectationsIn same manner, the ‘future’ is nothing better than the ‘past’. Yes, you may have hopes for a better future, but at the same time, you may experience fear of it because of its unknown nature. You do not know what is going to happen in the future, and yet your hopes may be so high and you may be imagining all kinds of scenarios which are accompanied by the fear that your imagined ‘future’ will not happen the way you want it to. So, when the ‘Future’ comes, and becomes Now, you may get really disappointed as it may shatter all of your expectations of it.

Fortunately, there is no need for all of this useless mind activity. To get rid of your problems, you just need to let go of ‘time’. Once you stop living in the ‘future’ or ‘past’ for the most part of your day, and start living in the present moment of Now, your life becomes lighter. It does so because you are no longer carrying the residue from the ‘past’ which may cause you pain. In the same manner, you are no longer holding onto the imaginary ‘future’ with high expectations and fear. In this way, you will feel very light, because almost none of your problems exist at this very moment anyway. What exists Now is very simple. You are reading this article and dissolving your problems through Presence and being in the Now.

For those who feel continuously drawn to the ‘past’ or ‘future’, and want to change that, please read my article on the The Close Link Between Suffering and Desire which may also help you.

Also, here is a simple exercise on how to better your life instantly, not in the ‘future’ but Now:
  • Whenever you find yourself dwelling in the ‘past’ or the ‘future’, notice yourself being ‘there’ and not ‘here’, in the Now. Catch yourself and observe that.
  • Hold it and become present. Take a breath and feel your hands. Draw them closer to each other until they clasped together. As you do so, take notice and see if you are fully present as you observe and do the motion.

Use this technique to bring yourself back to the moment. It is a simple technique but can easily bring back your attention to Now.

If you have any problems, questions or comments, please leave them here and I will respond to the them.

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