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How is our Evolution of Consciousness related to our primal, animalistic habits?

The Evolution of Consciousness and its relation to our primal, animalistic habits should be fairly obvious to anyone, or at least to beings with more consciousness in their life.

Evolution of Consciousness

If we are to look at it, our primal habits are the very basics of our existence. Most often, very little consciousness is brought to most of our actions. For example, eating can easily turn into overeating, pleasing our sexual desires can turn into chasing a female or male just to have sex, or to have as much of it as possible, or sleeping can also easily be turned into oversleeping. Like these and other carnal pleasures, a lot of us are in such a hurry to satisfy them without giving them another look. This is what majority of the society has been concerned with. In this sense, you can say that even animals seem to be more developed than human beings, in the sense that they do not seem to overdo what we easily mange to.

Meditating Monkey

To put it simply, the more we focus our attention on our carnal desires, the further we drive away from our consciousness. The reason of it is very simple, but absorb this carefully to not miss it, because the most simple things get overlooked the easiest. If you understand this, your life can be turned around and you can bring the light of consciousness even to these primal actions of ours.
You think you are your body and so you become deeply identified with it, that it starts to seem that these urges must be pleased, otherwise there will be disappointment. This false identification with your thoughts lead you astray from your true self. 
However, this may be easily overcome if you simply bring conscious attention into any of your actions.
  • Do not simply follow what your mind tells you to do, but observe the desire and how your mind is telling you to do that.
  • Become aware of the urge, and consciously understand where is it coming from.
  • Reflect on why is it coming to you like that, and most importantly, who sees that this is occurring in you?
When you notice that there is an urge and all of the things mentioned above, even if you do still carry out the action, you will not be blindly following the urge without realizing the reasons of doing it. Your consciousness will be in there too, which will cause you to be present and will highly increase the quality of experience from it and raise even more conscious awareness of yourself. 
Action can be sacred if it is done out of consciousness, but by simply following the urges without truly looking at them will only push you back into that animalistic side.
So next time, instead of immediately pleasing the urge, pay some attention and bring some light of consciousness into your actions. Some of the urges might disappear. Those that stay will bring a greater quality of experience than ever before.

If you have any comments, questions or any other input about this, please let me know and I will be happy to respond to any of it.

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