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How to Rest in Restlessness

It's very common to see and hear from people about how life is so difficult or hard, or how they have very little time to rest and relax. A lot of us probably feel overwhelmed with all the things in our life and find ourselves to be pretty restless. This turns out as just one of the common traits in our society. However, I want to ask you: Do you think it can be different?

There seem to be people who are not affected by all the outside disturbance and what others would call 'difficulties' or 'hardships'. Now how is that, that some of us manage to deal with it easier than others even though the situation would seem fairly similar to yours?

I want to assure you that you can be at perfect peace, rest and harmony while at the same time having this 'chaos' going on in your life. Just take a moment and fully realize that no matter what would happen in your life, those external happenings can simply make no difference to you and the grounded state of your being unless you let it.

Peaceful River
Can you feel the peace of the forest amidst the strong rush of the river?
The common question would is: Is this even possible? Isn't this just avoiding what is happening? Actually, it is not just 'possible'. It is already natural to you, and there is nothing else to avoid but the thinking that this could be not possible.

Now, how do you really do this?

The very first thing is to get rid of thinking that you even have to do anything at all to have this. You must realize that within yourself, you already have undisturbed restfulness at all times. So let go of any thinking that there is something you must do to gain this, because in the first place, there is nothing to gain. If there was something to gain, you would bring another condition which would cause more restlessness to you, because you probably could never be sure that you have gained it already.

So getting that out of the way, we can proceed into recognizing. At all times when you are happy, sad, mad, restless or in any other state, there is some presence which just only observes this mood or condition. Your True Self has no condition, it only observes them. Now ask yourself, If I see all of these mood changes in myself, aren't I the unchanging one? The one who observes all of the changes occurring in me?

Once you get that cleared out, you will notice that this is in fact, true. No matter what happens to you, there is presence to observe the happening itself. So now, follow up with another question: Can the one who observes be affected by any of this? Does it have any direct effect from it, or does the effect only occur in the observed? And if so, how does that feel?

If you truly pay attention to this, you can feel tension dropping almost instantaneously. Simply because you have come to notice that truly, you are not the one affected by any of this, you are only to observe the one who is affected. And the one observing is already in a state of peace, rest, harmony and joyful contentment with this sort of knowing that this is not happening directly to me. And this is simply the natural way of being. It is only when you include 'me' in your pains or sufferings, that restlessness occurs. Without 'me' to be affected, there is only peaceful observing presence.

I hope if you have had any hardships in your life, this has helped you to realize just a little bit more about yourself and to come to the seeing that the true you IS already at rest, and you are just placing yourself to be somewhere other than that.

Though if you are still feeling that you can not have rest and would like to get this sorted out, please leave me a comment or send me a message and I will be happy to help you get rid of the pains in your life, for you to finally come to your perfect rest.

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