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Don't Base Your Actions on Other People's Reactions!

I came to realize that this might be an important issue for a lot of people nowadays, especially with the current society and its mental state. Majority of people have an image of you, along with expectations on how you should be, act, and move about in your life. And as for most of us, we work to meet them, which is  absolutely absurd as this can put your life in a continuous struggle immediately.

How to deal with expectations

There is absolutely no reason as to why you should act upon other people's projection of you. If you think there is, congratulations, you just made one up. All the reasons of why we should be the way other people envision us to be, is coming purely out of our mind, which creates the reasons for that.

Here is why it is absurd that we try to meet other people's mental projections of us...

First of all, they project an image which is completely out of their own mind, which means that, it is mostly a projection of themselves on you with an added image of you. Their image of you is not exactly how you are, but mostly a projection of their own expectations of being to you. So if you see that people's image of you has a projection of their own insanity, you will gain great relief along with this seeing.

People's Projections
Perhaps for your whole life, you thought it is a must to meet other people's standards or expectations. But now, you can turn around and look at it with fresh eyes, seeing that they simply project their own problems, not only to you, but to everyone or anything else. Many times we cannot see our own problems, that is why we project them and make it seem that it is other people's problems, believing that it is not ours but theirs. However, if you will take a moment and really look at the issue, you will find that actually, all of those projections can be applied to the one projecting.

So knowing that, immediately you can shake off all the expectations of other people, because now you can see that all of those are only for themselves. You know yourself and what is best for you, and you can follow yourself and your own projections, without trying to meet anyone else's standards.

If you go to the One who actually is concerned here, You, You will see that you already are perfectly fine by the way you are. Forget about other people's projections and forget even about your own projections, because you are not your projections. You are Who you Are without any of that. There is no need to add anything to yourself. All the projections come purely out of your mind, as your mind is always desiring something and keeps causing you continuous strain with such expression.

No matter what is going on in your life right now, can you just Be at this moment, just the way you are right now?

If you always feel that you need do something to be more than yourself, forget about it. It is a hoax of your mind. Do not listen to it. Just take a look at your existence at this very moment. You are fine as you are if you live in this moment, and you will manage to do that further on too.

If you know that to who you really Are, expectations do not matter, all of the projections matter only to your own projections. To you they are all the same. So step out of the way and let life take care of life. You simply stay as you Are. If you think that, 'But I have to take care of that and that', or 'It can't be like that for everything', then there is still one thing we must talk about...

If you can put your own projections out of your way and simply Be who you Are, everything is much easier for moving about in your life without struggle.
You need not to do anything to be who you are already, but you need to do much to be who you are not. 

Take a look:

  • Who are You without all of the projections?
  • See. Does it feel bad to be That?

It is time to stop basing your actions on other people's reactions. Recognize that it is their reactions, so let them react. You remain true to yourself and everything else will be taken cared of naturally. Trust in Life. As it took care of Itself before, it will do the same now. There is no need to think that I am the one taking caring of it. No, Life is taking care of you. You only naively imagine that you can be the one taking care of Life.

If you happen to have struggles and feel that this is too much, please send me a message, comment, or let me know what is it that makes your life hard. Together we may find out that everything might be much simpler than your mind thinks.

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  1. Yeah, agreed that it's absurd for us to meet other people's expectations! nice post.