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How to Live Life with Full Intensity!

A great number of people tend to complain that they cannot live their life to the fullest, or that this or that stands in their way of doing so. They may say "When I will have or do this or that, then I will be able fully to enjoy my life." But the simple fact is: To live life with full intensity, you do not need to get to any place or have any other state of being than what you have now. But of course, if you leave it to the mind, it will always come up with new obstacles and various suggestions as to why now is not the time to enjoy and live you life with full intensity. But, do you have to listen to it?

The intensity of your life does not depend on the state, achievements or any other factor which you may come up with. It can be done now as easily as the opposite: living life with no power and lack of intensity. The only factor which makes it different is where your attention is focused.

For a change, there must be an understanding that your attention is a vital part of your life and if you leave it to your mind, it will be all over the place but rarely where you would want it to be. But if you come to the realization that attention is perhaps the closest that I can find of me, it immediately becomes clear that if my attention is all over the place then I am all over the place too.

So how do you move on from being all over the place to living life with full intensity?

  • It is very simple, just don't let your mind make it complicated. You must pull back your attention from everywhere else, and bring it back to yourself. Your attention is your power, so wherever you focus your attention, that area will be immediately empowered. It is also very easy for your mind to use this against you, as it takes whatever thought to catch your attention, and before you know it, you're off to somewhere else again.
  • But here we are focusing on You. You are the one giving the power, so you can bring it back as well. It only takes simply noticing that your attention is gone; Once noticing happens, attention is immediately with you, it is present with your noticing. So there shouldn't be any stress on how to bring back your attention. Simply notice what gets most of your attention during the day. Noticing is the first step and major key to seeing, which enables the change to happen.
  • Once you start noticing that your attention is often somewhere else yet you are able to bring it back to yourself, you can start using it to live life with full intensity. There is nobody that prevents you from that, but your own self. But since we learned how to bring back attention, now we can see that it can be utilized for ourself as well.
You need power to live life with full intensity and one of your great powers is the power of attention, and another one is the power of belief. If you don't believe that you can live your life fully, that is exactly what you are manifesting. But if your attention is brought on the means and ways to experience this life fully, it will immediately start manifesting the abundance of life.

Do not hold back from using your great power off attention. It's much better if you are able to use it consciously for your life to have full intensity than giving it away to unnecessary matters.

For that kind of life, the more you consciously use your attention on the things you want, the easier it will be. It always goes back to the first step; becoming aware that your attention is not with you. Without that, you can not even start. However after the first step is done, the other ones are very easy, just use the power which you have.

Focus, be conscious and give your full attention to what you are aiming for.
Partial attention will bring you a mediocre experience life.
Full attention brings full intensity of life
 And since you have such great power, why not use it for the better?

If you feel that there are any blocks or obstacles that you are facing which may prevent you from living life to the full intensity the way you want, please feel free to comment or contact me, and we will make sure that you can enjoy your life to the fullest starting now. :)

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