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How to Stay in Peace?

Peace is something that absolutely any being would like to have. Many times we hear things such as, I just want to have peace of mind.. And it seems that this is a great concern in our society to have peace. However daily life seems to overwhelm it with it's worries and stress and all it's dynamics which apparently takes you away from peace. Though quickly you can realize something which will absolutely set you free and peace will not matter so much any more, since you will see that it can not even leave.. :]

Do you want to stay in peace? Do you identify yourself as this role of a 'peace-maker' as a lot of people do? There is something even more powerful than that identified role, and I talk about that in this video, as I point you to how you can truly be in absolute peace.

If you still have some struggles, you can let me know and we will find and remove that thought which makes you feel that you can not be in peace already.. If you enjoyed the video and know who would love to see it as well, please share. Thank you :]

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