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How to Be Always Present

It so happened, that a new external hard drive which I got just recently for storing all the footage from the previous meetings, have got corrupted and it is very likely that all of it is lost.

However upsetting this may be, the impermanence of life is manifesting in many ways, so we move with whatever life presents us.

The video that I am sharing now is from the one of the latest sessions which I still had a copy.

The name of our gathering was Forget Spirituality, Just Observe Reality! 
In this video you will find out a very common question to a lot of people on a spiritual journey.

How to always be present, how to maintain the experience of being totally in the moment throughout your daily life?

The talk begins with this question and yet steers to a deeper truth which if listened attentively can have a very powerful outcome in your experience.

So be open and let the experience happen in you :]

If you find yourself having any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here. And if you resonate with what has been expressed, share with others and enjoy your being :]

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