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Once again I get a wonderful opportunity to share yet another poem which depicts quite exactly what one usually can go through during the period of waking up and the states and feelings expressed in the poem is not all that uncommon to experience once one really made a first and the last step towards awakening. And now is just to watch the unfolding of what is.

There is a cold wind blowing through my  soul,
In its wake hopelessness and despair, 
No point to anything, anywhere,
Living, dieing; who's to care
Personality gone, nothing there
Go forth into the abyss if you dare 
There is darkness in the lack
I'd give anything to have " me" back
Pointless to resist, everything gone, 
Further, deeper, just go on
Life used to have meaning, purpose, 
and was mine
Now nothing everywhere, it's lost it's shine 
Beware opening that door, 
there's nothing less, nothing more, 
Turn around and you will find
Everything has been left behind
Somewhere lies the Truth, so it is told
Evidently magnificent to behold
The scorched earth of delusion still smokes
In its place nothing, all my hopes
Just turn out to be cosmic jokes
There is no one else on your road
Here endeth life, and thus this ode

By Richard Drake

Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed. And if it brings any feelings for you, please don't be shy to share.Or if you find yourself having any questions, do not be hesitant to ask them too..
Until next time, enjoy life and live happy :]

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