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The Truth Will Set You Free, Maybe

Hello everyone, I have great pleasure to share a poem from Family member who attends our meetings, his  experience of what we talk during the meetings has been crystallized to this beautiful poem which cuts deep into your being. Powerful as it is it can give you the feel of what we do, and not even that, much more the feel of Who You Are?

Thoughts come and go
From Where I Don't Know
Who is this "I" in the "I am"?
Am "I" part of universal plan?
To be awareness, just "to be"
Is till a mystery to "me"
In this Mind-Made world
Just some kind of fold
Caught between time and space
But still part of the human race?
I think, therefore I am?
Or is this a cunning plot
To believe what I am not?
These feet make marks in the sand
There is a movement of this thing called hand
A human who is Being
And a Being who thinks he is person, in pain
One all knowing, all seeing
The two one, but mind cannot contain
The Truth which cannot be told
In Words that Truth Cannot be Hold.

By: Richard Drake

Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed. And if it brings any feelings for you, please don't be shy to share. Or if you find yourself having any questions, do not be hesitant to ask them too..

Until next time, enjoy life and live happy :]