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Download the 3 Steps to Enlightenment!

The 3 Steps to Enlightenment is a program we held in our meet-ups for 3 consecutive weeks. The audio form of this program is now made available for you to download for free here after you've signed the form.

Here is a description of the program:

Step 1: Recognition of Identification
a) The Beginning
The Beginning of All. How all this Life, Universe comes into Being? How and When/Where You Begin? Coming into clear seeing and universal understanding. Insight of Freedom.

b) Appearance of the Identity
When and Where the Identity appears? What makes it to appear? Why does it Stay? What is Identity? How can it be Transcended? Coming into Recognition of the owner of Identity.

c) Conditioning and Programming
How conditioning and Programming takes place? How to Recognize what is True from what is Given? Is it possible to Live without it? Can something be differently, How? Seeing when you are acting from the Self and When you are just carrying out what doesn't belong to You.

Step 2: Dis-identification
a) Dissolving False Identity
Dissolving False Identity through direct experience of Truth. Coming into Clear Seeing of various appearances of the False Self. Becoming very alert and developing the Power to instantly recognize the False from the True.

b) Unconditioning and Deleting the Programming
Getting tools and techniques how to start unconditioning and getting rid of old programming. Having and great opportunity to create New, Fresh Self Without outside influences. Creating the ability to immediately discern where the old habit wanted to emerge and getting rid of it Now.

c) Killing the Ego/Mind
Killing the Problematic Ego/Mind. Not accepting the False appearances and suggestions of it. Preparing the Axe for chopping the head of it as soon as it shows up.

Step 3: Now or Never! Recognition and Merging with Absolute/Pure Self
a)  Differentiating between the False and Real
Developing a clear Seeing for the Real and the False Self. Having an ability directly and instantly to see the False and dropping it away. Recognition what is Real and when the Real becomes False? Staying as the Real.

b) Direct experience and Seeing of the ever present Absolute/Pure Self
Coming into Seeing of the ever present Pure Self. A way which always works to come back to the Pure Self. Recognizing great Power which we have for a clear Seeing. How to not turn Pure Self into something Impure? Coming into Direct experience of Absolute. Merging with Totality completely. No parts left out. No more one with all ; Only All is One. Having your own Absolute/Universal Seeing without exceptions and exclusions.

c) Final Cuts and Chops of the Mind
Final Chops and Cuts of the Unreal. Full view of the Mind in all of it's forms and expressions. Sharpening the Axe for the Complete and Total Finish. No more Mind ; Much More Self.

d) Remaining as the Self and Moving on and about in Life
Ways of Staying as the Self. Out of False into Complete True Self. Creating and bringing great Power to remain as the Self Without Effort. Staying and Living as the Pure Self. Moving on and about in Life as Life itself. Living, Doing Acting, Being no more as Identity, but as the Universe itself. Remaining as existence itself and recognizing laws of existence taking place and how to work with them.

No more problems; Much more Joy

With the live audio recordings now available for download, you can now experience the meet-up virtually!

To access the recordings, simply fill out the form here or click the following link:

Enjoy, Share and Stay Connected, soon there is going to be more :]

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