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Meeting with your True Self

 This was the description which we had for a meeting with your True Self.

"Join us and let's have some time together where everything what is not your absolute True Self can be taken out into the light and exposed for Yourself to Recognize.

In recognizing what is Untrue, you will immediately start noticing and coming into recognition of Your True Self.
When your True Self is Recognized Totally, You and Me Are One.
The setting of the meeting is very open and if you come with questions it is very good, because it will let us and you see where are they coming from.
Are they coming from your True Self or they are coming from somewhere else?"

If you would like to attend the meeting virtually you are already able to do it!

Now you can download live audio recording of the meeting.

Simply click Here or press on the link:
to Meet Your True Self  Now

Enjoy, Share and Stay Connected, soon there is going to be more :]

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