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Hello everyone,

I am happy to say that I feel fortunate to meet all of the people that I had to encounter during this whole stay in Vancouver.
Since I started doing meetings, it all grew very organically because of all of you. Every single one of you were a part of the
growth of you want it or not ...

It is truly heart-warming to see where a lot of you are already. How much of belief and false identification has been discarded.
It is such joy for my heart to see how many of you allowed the experience of freedom, peace and spacious openness to take place.
And its so wonderful to see so many of you releasing yourself from false bondages and merging yourself back to your being.

For now I just want to let you know if you are still interested to come for the last meeting in Vancouver, you can find out more information
about it just below, if you click the link provided:

There is something different going on this Tuesday, organized by Lisa and if you are interested to check it out click the link below or more info:

And finally here is a short video with news and updates on what is going to be happening with in upcoming weeks

Thank you,

Have fun, Enjoy and Stay Happy

- Rimvi

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