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The Power of : I Don't Know

This was the description of the meeting called The Power of : I Don't Know
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About The Power of I Don't Know :
This meeting is directed to explore our so called knowledge and allow us to investigate what can be truly known immediately, directly by your experience, without any learned beliefs and ideas which we are so comfortable using as knowledge.

It takes some maturity of the being to be able to recognize that all learned knowledge is nothing, but mere learned ignorance without knowing Who You Are..

And during this night, I am inviting you to suspend you learned knowledge which very easily can be called ignorance once it is recognized for what it truly is.

I am inviting you to allow the real experience of knowing.

Paradoxically it can come only through not knowing. 

Long time ago already people came to the conclusion that "I know one thing: that I know nothing"

Now there is some great Power in not knowing anything. Only in such space you can really come to know everything.
People have protected themselves from real knowing through believed knowledge that they carry around. Beliefs and learned ideas as carried around as knowledge is preventing people from the real experience of it.

So how do we go about it?
We ask ourselves what do we really know for certain and we climb down the stairs of our apparent knowledge into the real, direct, experiential knowing. A knowing which is Yours, which doesn't have to be learned and bettered, improved, which is complete, total and pure from anything what is untrue.

Through silent sitting and other interactive methods we will explore the field of knowledge to find its real value.

Come and learn, how to know everything without learning anything

If you would like to attend the meeting virtually you are already able to do it!

Now you can download live audio recording of the meeting.

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