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Where only Truth Matters

This was the description of the meeting called Where only Truth Matters?  
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How many years, how many practices, how many approaches, how much effort is put towards Self-help, discovery, meditation practices and various different spiritual movements. And where did it actually bring you?

Can you consciously say that yes, This is IT. I got all there is and nothing more is left that is more important than This?

Is Truth your only interest? Or you have interests in details of partial spirituality? Is Truth Hard to Understand? Is Truth somewhere far away and needs lots of practice to reach it?

Where Truth becomes your primary interest, all other will loose it's value, potency immediately. And how can you know what is being presented by so many people in various ways to get you into their belief system is Absolute Truth? And not their relative approach to put something more onto you what you actually have no need for?

If you are fed up with all the various practices where you can not just rest in the pure knowing that this is True, and this is so not because someone else told me, But because I can confirm that with my own experience, and there can be no other way than this.
Because Truth is Absolute and Indivisible, what is True for me is True for You and Every Other Being.
Relative Truth is our least interest, because that can vary from person to person, but what is Absolute is One For All..

This place is for you to come and discover for yourself and come to your own seeing rather than going on from seminar to seminar, program to program searching for more and more.
After this there is no More, because this is All.

The reason why there is not many people coming this kind of sessions, because they are not ready to approach Absolute Truth. They want to go journeying through relative angles of it, but come to the end and just rest in That Which You Are is not the interest of the Majority.

And yet if you are ready and you want what is available here and now to rediscover this is the best opportunity for You!

Come in and walk out with something what you can not explain, yet You KNOW it is TRUE!

It is the right moment for Truth and it is Now! Are you the right person to hear it and are you Ready for it?

If you would like to attend the meeting virtually you are already able to do it!

Now you can download live audio recording of the meeting.

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Enjoy, Share and Stay Connected, soon there is going to be more :]

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