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Thoughtless Being As You Are - Silent and Pure You Always Remain

This was the description of the meeting called: Thoughtless Being As You Are - Silent and Pure You Always Remain
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"Practical experiencial meditation with some afterword if needed.."
These were the original words about the meeting, but as usual I have to expand a little more for all of you, who may be interested to come. So you will have a sense is it a place that you would like to find yourself tonight.

I don't have a feeling this time to write anything much about it so I will put it very frankly and simple so you can quickly decide do you want to come or not.

As the title itself indicates, I am not going to create a very inspiring spiritual talk for you to embark on your spiritual journey.

I am simply going to point you to the Truth of Existence - Truth of Your Being. 
I will provide a clear direction where the immediate experience is inevitable. And will leave no gaps of the sneaky ego-mind-identity to fill itself in and prove its reality onto you.

What experience are we talking about? The ultimate and absolute, totality, completeness and wholeness itself. The experience sought by millions and experienced by only so few.

Now if you feel its your time, I am affirming your true state as a thoughtless being, always remaining silent and pure. And the same time exposing the untruth and many layers of lies which formed an illusory reality that we live in.

My only intention is your experience of the ultimate truth and there is no better way than to face it directly and allow yourself to submerge into it, because


If you would like to attend the meeting virtually you are already able to do it!

Now you can download live audio recording of the meeting.

Simply click Here or press on the link:

Enjoy, Share and Stay Connected, soon there is going to be more :]

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