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Is it Natural to Think?

It is possible to fit fairly comfortably around 10 to 15 people here, so I will appreciate if you RSVP only if you are really attending the session. In this way I can know the number of people and spots left.
However if you are fine to sit down on the floor, we have mats, so we can possibly allow more people to come in.
Date: Sunday, October 23
Time: 6.00 pm 
Place: 1142 Granville Street Vancouver, BC 
Free: By Offering
 (Whatever your being is present to offer allows us to continue to grow and offer this to more beings)
Once you get to the address, buzz the number 2019 and hold on for a  moment downstairs for some being to bring you up to the tenth floor. 

About the meeting :
  Do You Think, it is Natural to Think? 

For this meeting we will tackle the question of thinking. For thinking is something that we pay little attention to and exactly that is the reason why we are still looking and striving and seeking for something.

What you will get to experience here is a very straight forward and experience based approach, where you can confirm for your own self what is really true.

We all know well what is the world lived in thought, right? 
You think about weather, sports, sex, work, spirituality or whatever else, it is all known through thinking. 

But do we really know what is the world beyond thought?
This meeting is an invitation to all of the people who has experienced world with thought and now want to experience what is the world without it? 
Does the world even exist without your thought about it?
Are all of the thoughts are mine?
Are you Perceiving the thoughts? 
What is there when there is no thought?
Are you Creating the thoughts? 
Where would be thoughts coming from if I don't think them?
Why do thoughts come? 
Can I exist without the thought of I? 

And eventually Do You Think it is Natural to Think? 
And how are you going to answer this question with another thought? 
Or maybe there is an answer which can be found beyond a thought, without a thought? 
I challenge you to come and see for your own experience what is going to be the outcome of all of this. 
In the end of your life you will still have to face the thoughts and they may drive you crazy or free, which one do you want it to be? 
So come and see :]
May you be free and Happy..
For more info, please feel free to visit the following:
3 Steps to Enlightenment Program [Free to Download]: 
Official Website:
What other people say? :
I am sincerely grateful that i have attended one of Rimvi's meeting. I was looking for something i don't know (cause of my unwanted thoughts) and he made it clear to me in a simple way. Rimvi's approach is very welcoming. I didnt feel im left behind, unwanted or anything its just i know that i was able to connect with him the moment we talked together. It was really a delightful experience that since then i change how I see things. I perceive things with an open mind clearly witnessing what thoughts are and how it actually affects the mind. I learned that its better just to live the moment being free of thinking and to stop assuming thoughts which does not really exist. It is still a battle inside of me, but without his existence and words, I wont know how to gain true happiness. 
To Rimvi, i will always be thankful to you man. you know that. 
All the best! - Jayson
Hi Rimvi, 
I find all the meetings delightful. I often feel as if we are all sitting around a campfire, eating chocs, watching the sun set, the sky darken and the stars emerge. The interactions among everyone who attends is respectful and comfortable. Not that it matters to me, but it is a "safe" place to express all kinds of emotions and thoughts. Nobody is judge. Nobody is police. Personally, each meeting reminds me of things that I've put aside for various uninteresting reasons. Attachments to any belief, thought or illusion are revealed for what they are: constructs and illusions. Like a snake shedding its skin, these attachments itch, and irritate, until the old skin is torn away. Perhaps it is a process of de-evolution: unmasking the pointless nonsense we tend to believe is true. Whatever it is, it is good. All good. Thank you. -K.E. Jones
Thank you so much Rimvi for these meet ups. I was on a spiritual journey for a while looking to find something and you helped me find my true self which I was like ,whooooaah! was mind blowing ... i cried.. i laughed... im still surprised....but im sooo deeply humbled and grateful that you were the one to make me whole life has shifted so much for the better and I m not lost anymore. Im home... I... am... home.....Keep up the truth and love Rimvi! Your heart is a big one...See you in the next meet up and looking forward to seeing new faces. It's time for more people to hear what is shared in this group...just words to express......language limits us....the truth is too great...I love it! - Lisa
Hi Rimvi 
I would just like to say that I found your approach very refreshing in its simplicity. After all, why make anything complicated? I found your group to be a pleasant learning experience - a good place to connect with like minded people. Thank you for continuing to offer this space for people to learn how to just BE. - Sue
Hi Rimvi,You asked for feedback...The fastback is that everything happens as it supposed. You do what you must do, and other people do what they must do.Do I like it? YesIs it useful? Yes, it is the only place which I know about which produces awakened people, real ones. And it does that without years of meditation practice, etc. It is a very honest place, where lies not presented, but instead lies are busted. No religious beliefs, not a sect, just a group of people working to discover the truth.About the rest we discussed in our one on one meetings.Cheers, - Radim
I truly enjoyed the creative and relaxed atmosphere of the event I attended, and I know it's quite different from other events out there (refreshingly different!!!) - Laura
Life is transformed because I understand suffering as I witness the mind. As i understand suffering, i let go of suffering. As i let go of suffering i become peaceful. - Elaine H.

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