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4 Day "Retreat to the Self" in Bowen Island

Hello everyone.. Quick update about October 8-12 (4 day) retreat in Bowen island..
Its going to be held in Rivendell Retreat Centre
Most likely its going to be held by donations what attendee is capable comfortably to work with. And some of the leading is going to be done by me, tho not as a teaching only as guidance towards self based experience.. 
For more up to date information feel free to visit our meetup page, click here.

Upcoming retreat details and further information will be disclosed closer to the date.
Currently we got around 15 rooms available which means there could be close to perhaps 23 people or so able to participate if rooms were to be shared.
If you are interested to attend please feel free to RSVP tho we will be making sure to keep the spots open for the people who are actually going to attend and will provide official registration form to complete before coming.
Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events.. 

May your Being be filled with Freedom and Joy :) - Rimvi

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