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EEST - Enlightenment Experiment - Sensitive Truth

Date: Thursday, September 21
Time: 7-11 pm
Place: 1142 Granville Street - ( to access the top floor buzz 2019 and wait for someone get you up)

Free: By Offering (Whatever your being is present to offer allows us to continue to grow and offer this open space to more beings)
This Thursday we are going to perform experiments with your conscience and address sensitive truth about what people imagine or identify as enlightenment. Its not a secret that almost all of us who has encountered spiritual moment in our life has also conceived a thought of Enlightenment in one way or another. However it becomes a very sensitive topic and ways around it if you end up talking with different organised movements.
And here in this space we are provided with the ability to freely and openly question as well as raise our energy beyond mere thought matter association and beyond.
 Truth is Simple and Yet a Sensitive Topic for the Mind.
You are Invited to Join us:
If you feel comfortable to Explore your Being and Share Inevitable Experience of That which is Present without much of our thoughts about it..
Experiments with your Conscience Begins now and will continue for couple of weeks as well as transcend into retreat program next month..
If interested sign up quick before its too late!
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Official Application Form :
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