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Group Consultations

In this website, we strive to provide you as much free information to help you. However, if you feel that a direct, personalized approach together with certain people in your life would be a beneficial experience, we would like to help you with that as well.

Rather than a One-on-One Consultation session with me, Rimvi, you may want to experience a session together with certain people in your life. It may be very beneficial for one to experience it as a group so that there is unison in understanding between these people. Whether it be with your spouse, your children or other family workers, friends, colleagues, or even just another person who would also like to go through this session with someone else, this can serve as a powerful experience which creates harmony among all.

I will work with all of you as a group and fully address each person's concerns or questions. Whether it be creating harmony in understanding within the group, improving relationships and lifestyle, specific questions about the Self, or other issues, all these things can be brought up and I will work with each one of you with whatever it is that you need help with. By personally looking into each one's unique situation and collective connection, I will help you de-construct and clearly see the root of it all, so that any of your concerns or questions will be fully taken cared of as each one of you comes into Self-Realization.

Whether you would like to undergo a consultation session or not, I want to offer you a Free 15-Minute Consultation with no commitments needed in your part. In fact, if it is just one simple question or something that you quickly need help with, this is a great way for you to address that and I would be very happy to help you with that as well! :)

If you do decide to book a consultation session, you can either choose to have the 15-Minute Consultation as a trial beforehand like mentioned above, use it as a bonus 15-minute extension to your full consultation session, or use it as a free 15-minute follow-up session afterwards.

More details:

Session Length:
1½ Hours
Suggested Donation:
$55 per person (Minimum of 2 People, Maximum of 5 People)
This is the suggested donation but this service is not exclusive to this amount. This amount covers the costs (e.g. rental space, utilities, etc.) to make this meeting happen. You may donate based on what you can afford or would like to generously give to help support this service.
Communication Options:
·  In person at our location (for those in Vancouver, Canada)
·  Skype
·  By Phone (cost handled by client)
·  PayPal
·  Cash (for those in Vancouver, Canada only)
            ·  Free 15-Minutes as Trial Consultation / Session  
          Extension / Follow-up Session

If you have any concerns or questions about this service, please don't hesitate to send me an email at Also, please feel free to send me a message to arrange for a free 15-minute session. I would be very happy to speak with you and help you as much as I can within that period of time.

If you would like to schedule your Free 15-Minute Consultation or a Full Consultation, please fill in the following form and I will get back to you shortly: